Use Case Diagrams

Clarify requirements with use cases, actors, and relationships.

use case diagram

But don't just draw - add details behind each element that complete your specifications. Diagrams are inserted automatically into your generated requirements documents, bringing your use cases, requirements and diagrams together in one place.

Activity Diagrams

Automatically generate activity diagrams from your Use Cases. Provide your readers with a graphical representation of the workflow.

activity diagram

Wireframes and Mockups

It's easy to create realistic screen mockups of your web or desktop applications using the shapes library. Or create your own library of custom shapes.

wireframe mockup diagram

Free-Form Diagrams

A library of built-in shapes lets you communicate effectively with a variety of diagram types.

flow chart diagram

Learn How

“Why create use case diagrams? Well, let's talk about what a use case diagram is and what role it plays in specifying requirements.”

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Not only was I able to complete everything on time, I also learned how to do proper requirements gathering and create better use cases.

A.C. Pretorius - Business Analyst

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