CaseComplete 2012 R2 Release History

Build 7.2.4863 Released 25-Apr-2013

  • Resolved: Requirement references lost when requirement is moved to a new package file.
  • Resolved: Searching on text contained in a test step of a deleted test scenario causes object reference exception.
  • Resolved: Made the $if keyword case insensitivive.
  • Resolved: Certain keywords weren't working when reporting in the context of a referenced item.
  • Resolved: Textbox flashes and loses zoom level when you begin typing.
  • New: Allow reporting test scenarios at top level of report.
  • New: Added a more descriptive error message when attempting to load a corrupt diagram file.

Importance: Recommended

Build 7.2.4819 Released 12-Mar-2013

  • Resolved: A manual checkout of an out-of-date top-level package could cause data loss.

Importance: Critical

Build 7.2.4812 Released 5-Mar-2013

  • Resolved: Random hangs when editing non-English text.
  • New: Better error reporting during startup when there are system incompatibilities.

Importance: Optional

Build 7.2.4799 Released 20-Feb-2013

  • Resolved: Infinite loop when pasting an invalid requirement ID.
  • Resolved: Can't report issues owned by test scenarios.
  • Resolved: Random "cannot access disposed object" exceptions.
  • New: Added details to error message to help troubleshooting when proxies prevent publishing to

Importance: Recommended

Build 7.2.4769 Released 21-Jan-2013

  • Resolved: (Excel only) Using '$0' in project data caused incorrect report generation.
  • Resolved: Using an alternate keyword prefix in reports caused 'if' statements to always fail.

Importance: Optional

Build 7.2.4757 Released 10-Jan-2013

  • New: Added support for .NET 4.0/4.5 Framework (e.g. Windows 8).
  • New: Support find, replace and fix-up of renumbered IDs in procedures and expected results of test scenarios.
  • New: Added ability to use a where clause when retrieving references for a package.
  • New: Various updates and additions to the Custom Report User Guide documentation.
  • Resolved: When reporting referenced elements, all referenced items in the context of a package weren't found.
  • Resolved: $Today keyword not operating correctly on systems with non-US time/date formats in the Project Specification Word template.
  • Resolved: Unable to report lists within the context of a referenced element.
  • Resolved: $Type keyword not operating correctly in the context of a referenced element.

Importance: Recommended

Build 7.2.4708 Released 21-Nov-2012

  • New: Enable reporting on references found in custom fields of use cases, requirements, actors and definitions.
  • New: Enable reporting on referenced requirements found in preconditions and success guarantees of use cases.
  • New: Added ability to use a where clause when reporting referenced items to filter by type (IDLink or Explicit) and location.

Importance: Optional

Build 7.2.4706 Released 19-Nov-2012

  • Resolved: Renumber IDs not updating references in all custom fields.

Importance: Optional

Build 7.2.4701 Released 14-Nov-2012

  • New: Show the number of test scenarios owned by requirements in the Requirement List Excel report template.
  • Resolved: Context menus incomplete when editing use case prose or multi-line custom fields.

Importance: Optional

Build 7.2.4686 Released 30-Oct-2012

  • Resolved: Some users received a "no" cursor when dragging actors onto diagrams.
  • Resolved: Excel report fails if the first item in the list was empty when using $listInCell.

Importance: Optional

Build 7.2.4668 Released 12-Oct-2012

  • Resolved: (Shared Projects only) Checking out out-of-date files while editing could result in lost changes.
  • Resolved: Crash at startup on systems that have a customized date format.

Importance: Recommended

Build 7.2.4637 Released 17-Sep-2012

  • Resolved: Splash screen display - program version text clipped when running at larger than normal font sizes.
  • Resolved: Splash screen display - long company names truncated.

Importance: Optional

Build 7.2.4610 Released 15-Aug-2012

  • Initial CaseComplete 2012 R2 Release.

Importance: Recommended